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The Huntington Beach Sustainable Business Certification Program hopes to promote and achieve a healthier and cleaner environment by helping businesses integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that is sustainable as well as profitable. Sustainable business practices promote not only healthy environments, but also healthy communities which are the lifeblood of successful businesses.

The Benefits of Participating

Environmental regulations in California are changing, be one step ahead of new laws while cutting costs in water, energy, waste and pollution reduction and taking advantage of various benefits such as:

For more information on the program or to get involved, please contact the program coordinator Antonia Graham at or (714) 536-5537.

Certified Businesses

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HB Sustainable Certified Business List

Useful Resources

California Green Business Network Website

Office and Retail Business Certification Checklist

Restaurant Business Certification Checklist

Featured Business

Primal Elements Logo  Handmade in USA

Founded in 1993, Primal Elements is dedicated to providing the highest quality bath and skin care products and committed to protecting the environment and using renewable sources. Primal Elements bath and body care products are high quality, effective, and are based on caring, sound environmental practices. Products are packaged in recyclable containers and customers are encouraged to reuse or recycle them. The company took an early initiative and was one of the first businesses to become a "Huntington Beach Sustainable Business".

Discover more about Primal Elements and their products at:

Primal Elements Factory 

Primal Elements Bath Salts


Did you know?

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